The Georgia Polled Hereford Association Inc. was chartered on April 16, 1954, but after a short while was disbanded.

In the spring of 1968, as the result of discussions among several of the Georgia Polled Hereford Breeders, R.L. Swearingen, Jr. set up a meeting for May 18, 1968, at the Holiday Inn in Perry, and 24 breeders attended.  It was decided to reorganize the Georgia Polled Hereford Association, and the following directors were elected:

John Dorough 
Alex Dunaway
John Fuller   

Joe Harvey 
W.A. Leonard
R.E. Mitchell  

Konrad Purdy

Sam Sells, Sr. 
Ben Smith

J.E. Strickland, Jr.
R.L. Swearingen, Jr.

M.E. Williams

R.L. Swearingen, Jr. was elected secretary and temporary chairman of the Board of Directors until the first membership meeting.

At the first membership meeting at The Rock on July 31, 1968, J.E. Strickland, Jr. was elected president, Sam Sells, Sr., vice-president and R.L. Swearingen, Jr. secretary-treasurer.  Mr. Swearingen served as secretary-treasurer until August 1984.  Keene Murphy served as secretary-treasurer 1984-86.  Frank Thomas became secretary-treasurer in June 1986.

In June 2001, the membership voted to change the name of the association to Georgia Hereford Association which became effective October 26, 2001.

Past Presidents

J.E. Strickland, Jr. 1968-70     
Same Sells, Sr., 1970-72        
E.D. Raulerson, 1972-74        
James Hadden, 1974-76        
J.E. Strickland, Jr., 1976-78    
Steve Roberts, 1978-80          
Howard Sheppard, 1980-82   

Frank Lane, 1982-84
Frank Thomas, 1984-86         
Hugh McBride, 1986-87        

James Worsham, 1987-89
Samuel Zemurray III, 1989-92
Charles Smith, 1992-93
Phil Mullinax, 1993-96

Tommy Mead, 1996-1998
Ed Davidson, 1998-2001
Mitch Worsham, 2001-2003
Bill Sims, 2003-2005
Ray Hicks, 2005-2006
Tommy Mead, 2006-2007

Randy Roberts, 2007-2009

Whitey Hunt, 2007-2011
Whitey Hunt – 2009-2011
Taylor Neighbors – 2011-2013
Tommy Johnson – 2013 – 2015
Hardy Edwards – 2015 – 2017

John Watson is new President beginning 2017

The GHA sponsors one or more female or mixed sales annually.

The GHA jointly sponsors, with AHA, a live demonstration at the Expo in Moultrie.  Also, booths are manned at several other events.

The GHA publishes a directory promoting Georgia Hereford breeders.

The GHA publishes a newsletter to keep the membership abreast of the happenings in the Hereford breed.

Breeders residing in other states are eligible to join as associate members.
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