Membership in the Georgia Hereford Association is on an annual basis, July 1 through June 30 each year. New members who join after March 31 each year will be credited with a full year’s membership plus the remaining time in the current year.

Benefits in the GHA membership include: (1) the opportunity to consign cattle to association consignment Sales; (2) receiving information about shows and field days sponsored by GHA; (3) receiving a quarterly Newsletter updating activity by GHA; (4) having your Hereford operation listed in the GHA biennial Directory at no additional cost; (5) entering cattle in GHA shows; and (6) supporting an organized effort to Promote Hereford cattle. In addition, you will be able to make new friends and learn what others are doing by attending the various activities such as sales, shows and field days.

GHA is a registered non-profit Georgia corporation. A copy of the by-laws is available to anyone interested in joining the association. The association has been active since 1968.

Two affiliated groups of GHA are the Georgia Hereford Women (the ladies support group) and the Georgia Junior Hereford group. To join, complete the form below checking the category in which you desire membership.

Georgia Hereford Association Membership Form

Types of Membership:
(please select all that apply)
Registered Breeder $50.00
Commercial Breeder $20.00
Junior member $10.00(per Jr.)
GA Hereford Women $20.00

Please make checks payable to GEORGIA HEREFORD ASSOCIATION.
Mail completed membership form and payment to:
GHA - Tommy Mead
1222 Reeves Rd
Midville, GA 30441

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